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If you already know which individual you would like to contact, but don’t know their contact information, please view our Team Directory.

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I am a prospective client, advisor/consultant or friend of SaratogaRIM who would like to learn more.

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☎ General Contact Information


Phone: (408) 741-2330 Fax: (408) 877-1525

Where we are

Generally speaking, we are located in Northern California in the heart of Silicon Valley. Specifically speaking, we are located downtown Saratoga, nestled between the creek and Big Basin Way. Our main entrance is straight back from the Big Basin Cafe at the top of the wheelchair-accessible ramp.

While Suite E is our primary office and mailing address, we also occupy Suites D & C (in the small courtyard between the two ramps) and Suite B (next door to the Big Basin Cafe entrance).

  • Suite E: Investment Team

  • Suite D: Operations Team

  • Suite C: Compliance

  • Suite B: Investor Relations


➤ location

14471 Big Basin Way, Suite E

Saratoga, CA 95070