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Please Note:

  • Clients who work with us directly have access to their account information through our Client Portal.

  • Clients who work with us indirectly through another advisor do not have access to this portal. Please contact your advisor directly if you have questions regarding your SaratogaRIM account.

This Client Portal became active for SaratogaRIM’s direct clients on January 30, 2019. Any client login information used prior to this date is no longer valid. Direct clients should have received an email from SaratogaRIM containing instructions with their new login information. If you require assistance with the Client Portal or the new login process, please click here.

As a friendly reminder, please never include sensitive information such as full account numbers in an email or email form submission.

Quarterly Report Deliveries

Standard procedure:

Unless otherwise requested, we send clients a “SaratogaRIM Announcement” email when a report has been published and posted to our website. We then mail a printed hardcopy of the report approximately 2-4 weeks following our announcement email. On occasion, additional factors may further delay our printing and distribution process, and we appreciate your understanding should this ever be the case.

Delivery preferences & Additional Requests:

To update your current Quarterly Report delivery preferences, please fill out the form below. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Name *
Delivery Preference *
Due to various database mailing list limitations, there is a chance that our previous report mailings have been incorrectly or incompletely labeled, sent multiple times to the same household when members of that household would prefer to receive a single copy, or vice versa (one report sent to a household where individuals would prefer their own copies), etc. We would like to correct ANY error or issue regarding your deliveries that we may not be aware of. Please use the space below to correct any errors regarding your SaratogaRIM mailings, or to further elaborate on any requests or customizations regarding your future Quarterly Report delivery preferences. We will do our best to accommodate any request you may have. Thank you!
Only required for "Mailed Hardcopy" preference