Deeper Dive

A compilation of prior SaratogaRIM writings and publications to illustrate and timestamp the evolution of our company alongside the progression of economic and financial cycles.

Most relevant essays within each report are referenced by their titles below each link. Contents within each section are listed in suggested reading order.

2019 Q2 Materials

About us

Deeper into the process

Reasonable expectations & Performance Attributes

  • 2013 Q4 Report

    • Into Thin Air - Evaluating Performance over Market Cycles

  • 2014 Q2 Report

    • The Trouble with Symmetry - The world’s smartest investors know it leads to mediocrity

  • 2017 Q3 Report

    • Letter to Investors

    • Process, Patience & Sanity - A Rational Approach to Long-Term Investment

  • 2016 Q3 Report

    • Smarter Alpha - ‘Factors’ are only part of the mix

  • 2013 Q3 Report

    • The Pendulum Swings - Practicing the Art of Buying Low and Selling High

Real Time insights from the Financial Crisis

Saratoga Research & Investment Management (SaratogaRIM) Reports are published quarterly. Research notes are published as necessary. Original publish dates are located on the upper right hand corner of each report cover. The opinions in the reports and notes are those of SaratogaRIM, and under no circumstances should be considered as a solicitation or relied upon in making investment decisions. All data, information and opinions are subject to change without notice. Reports and notes within this “deeper dive” archive are publicly available for the sake of interest and convenience only. Please see disclosures relevant to each quarter at the end of every report. Past performance does not guarantee future returns.